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Ibis - Cashback from 1.35% up to 2.7%
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Purchases at Ibis with cashback


Today, IBIS is the largest domestic operator in the wholesale and retail trade in goods for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities, a recognized industry leader and a leading supplier of products of the most famous world manufacturers to the Ukrainian market. The range of products presented in the stores of the IBIS network consists of more than 80,000 items from 715 leading manufacturers in the world.

Cashback for different categories:

1.35% - For a paid order using a customer card

2.7%- For a paid order from the "Fishing" category

2.7%- For a paid order from other categories

Cashback for orders of the following brands from the "Sale" category will not be credited:

  • Skif
  • Skuf tac
  • Keiteck
  • Brain
  • Favorite
  • Zojirushi
  • Select

Average waiting time for cashback: 30 days