Questions and answers


What is cashback and how does it work?

Cashback is a return to the buyer of a part of the cost of the goods after the purchase. We bring buyers to stores, for which we get a commission, a part of which we share with you.

Let's say you bought (a) a phone for 10,000 hryvnias and for this purchase cashback = 5%. 5% - 500 hryvnias, and this is already a good saving, and they are yours. And the main thing is real money that can be withdrawn.


How much money will be returned to me from the purchase?

The size of cashback depends on the conditions of the store. This can be a percentage of the order amount or a fixed amount. The exact size of the cashback is indicated on the store page.


How much cashback is credited and how to withdraw it?

Money can be withdrawn in your account on a mobile phone or hryvnia card of a Ukrainian bank. Cashback will be credited within 1-3 days of business days. In rare cases, 5-10 business days. If more time has passed, our service [email protected] will help;)


When can I pick up my cashback?

Cashback can be withdrawn after confirmation of purchase by the store. In most cases, stores confirm the purchase within 50-55 days. Immediately after confirmation, the cashback will be available in your account.


What needs to be done to get cashback?

First you need to register. Then, before buying, go to the store through a special button in the store through GetProfit and place your order. Cashback will be credited automatically to your GetProfit account.


What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount to phone and cards of Ukrainian banks is 25 UAH. The bigger, the better!


Where does cashback come from? Why would a store pay a buyer?

Advertising accounts for a substantial portion of the budget of any store. He can spend money on a banner, a magazine ad, or a reward to a partner who leads the buyer. GetProfit is just such a partner. We are paid to attract customers, and we give most of our rewards to you - in the form of cashback.


I will pay for the order upon receipt at the "Nova Poshta" or cash on delivery, will I be credited with a cashback?

Cashback will be recorded and credited successfully in Ukrainian online stores. In foreign online stores you need to place and immediately pay for an order to successfully receive a cashback.


In what currency is cashback paid?

Cashback is paid in hryvnias (UAH). If the order is paid in foreign currency, then the cashback amount will be converted into hryvnias at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of purchase.


Will cashback be credited when placing an order in the store by phone?

No, for orders placed by phone, stores do not pay remuneration. To get cashback, you need to place an order only through the store basket.


What to do if you need to change the order?

You must first cancel the old order, and then re-go to the store through GetProfit and place a new order.


My order has not been confirmed by the store and cashback has been canceled. Why?

The store does not confirm the order and cancels the cashback if, when reconciling the orders, it considers that the purchase was not made in accordance with the rules of the service and / or store.

Contact support GetProfit - we will help you to understand why this happened and whether it is possible to correct the situation.


Why was the order displayed with a different amount?

Sometimes information about the order may not be transmitted to us from the affiliate network of the store in full (0 UAH may be indicated in the order amount), or without taking into account the details of placing and paying for the order (using a promotional code, discounts).

Do not worry in such cases - when the store confirms the order, or earlier, all numbers will be adjusted in accordance with the actual cost of the product or service, the cashback will be credited in the correct amount.


Why do I see a message that AdBlock or another ad blocker is preventing cashback accrual?

This message may appear if your browser has some kind of extension that blocks ads. This is not necessarily Adblock. Try disabling all third-party extensions and retrying the transition to the store. Opera browser has its own ad blocker. The Yandex browser by default has several ad blockers installed.

Another reason may be the included “Antibanner” and “Data collection protection” functions in the settings of Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus.