This Agreement is the official written public offer of the Organizer of the web service GetProfit ( addressed to an indefinite number of persons - Users of the service (hereinafter referred to as the "Parties", separately the "Party").

Please read all the clauses of this Agreement carefully before accepting it and starting using the GetProfit service.

Use of the Service is allowed only on the terms of this Agreement.

If the User does not accept the Agreement in full, the User has no right to use the Service and is obliged to stop using it.

Using the Service in violation of (non-compliance with) any of the conditions of this Agreement is prohibited.



To ensure a complete and unambiguous understanding of this Agreement, the following are definitions of terms and concepts that are used further in the Agreement and in all services of the Site:

GetProfit is a free marketing electronic resource located on the Internet at, which provides services that allow its Users to return part of the money spent on purchases, committed in the online stores of Partners / Advertisers represented in the service GetProfit (hereinafter referred to as the Service).

Partners/Advertisers - business entities (online stores, trading floors of various formats) that posted information about their products / services offered for sale to Users using the Service.

Cashback - a refund of part of the purchase price in online stores in the form of cash.

Administration - a group of persons who are employees of the Service. The administration is authorized to carry out any operations with Users' accounts under this Agreement.

User - an individual registered on the Service.

User Account - or "Account" - all the functions of the Service available to the User after passing the registration procedure on the Service.

A referral link is a tool for attracting new Users, which allows you to receive a reward for users listed and registered on the Service.

Virtual account - the User’s account on the Service, on which the received Cashback and its current status are recorded.

The User’s settlement account is the User’s personal account to which the User withdraws Cashback from the Virtual Account.

Fictitious action - any kind of fraudulent action, the result of which is the illegal receipt of cashback.



1.1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon publication on the Service at:

1.2. This Agreement is valid for the entire period of operation of the Service by the User.

1.3. By clicking on the “Register” button, the User confirms that he has reached the age of majority, has sufficient legal capacity in accordance with the legislation of his state, and also agrees to prevent minors, incompetent, legally incapable (including those with limited legal capacity) from using the Service, and personally is responsible for allowing such people to use the Service.

1.4. By clicking the "Register" button, the User confirms that he is notified and agrees that this Agreement may be amended by the Developer at any time.

1.5. The fact of pressing the “Register” button confirms that the User understands all his rights and obligations in full, and he unconditionally accepts the terms of this Agreement.

1.6. Acceptance of the terms of the Agreement is equivalent to the conclusion of a bilateral written User Agreement between the Service and the User.


2.1. The Service does not carry out the trading process, is neither a seller, nor a representative of the seller, does not affect the pricing policy of its Partners / Advertisers and does not manage the conditions established by Partners / Advertisers.

2.2. The service is not responsible for the quality of the purchased goods and services on the sites of its Partners / Advertisers.

2.3. The service is not responsible for the delivery time of goods and services ordered on the websites of Partners / Advertisers, for price changes and conditions of sale; does not accept product claims; does not participate in trade relations between the User (buyer) and the Partner / Advertiser (seller).

2.4. The service allows you to save on purchases in online stores by paying a cashback to the user. The cashback is formed at the expense of the commission received by GetProfit from the store where the purchase was made, upon a purchase made in compliance with all conditions, in the absence of a full or partial return of goods (or refusal of service).

2.5. Most of the commission received by the Service from the store is transferred to the user in a personal account on the Service. The service never, under any circumstances, charges any fee from its users. The services of the Cashback Service for the User are absolutely free.

2.6. In order to receive a Cashback by the User, it is necessary to follow the Service link to the selected Partner / Advertiser website and make a purchase there, following the recommendations on making a purchase indicated on the page of a particular Partner / Advertiser.

2.7. The process of obtaining a cashback takes about 4-5 weeks, however, in some cases, the period of crediting may be prolonged, for circumstances beyond the control of the Site.

2.8. If the Partner / Advertiser does not transmit information on purchases to the Service (in cases where the store could not determine the source of the transition or believes that the transition did not cause a purchase), the Service is not responsible for the non-accrued cashback.


3.1. A participant in the Service can only be an individual who has reached the age of 18 and has full legal capacity. By registering on the Service and receiving an Account, the User thereby confirms that he is an adult individual and has full legal capacity.

3.2. A user who wants to become a Member of the Service must register on the Site by entering his email address (e-mail) and password. Registration is also carried out through accounts on social networks (Google, Facebook). After the registration is completed, an Account is created for the User with an internal Virtual Account, to which the Cashback for purchases made using the Service will be credited.

3.3. After registering and creating an Account, the User becomes a Member of the Service and the terms of this Agreement fully apply to him, with all the amendments and additions periodically made to it.

3.4. By indicating the email address (e-mail) and providing the requested information, the User thereby confirms that all the data indicated by him is complete, reliable, correct and provided to him personally.

3.5. The User agrees that the Service, its Partners and / or third parties with which the Service Partners have concluded relevant contracts / agreements are not responsible for any incorrect and / or incorrect information specified by the User when registering with the Service.

3.6. By registering for the Service, the User agrees that in the process of interacting with the Service and the Administration it is forbidden: to use obscene language, insult, humiliate honor and dignity, threaten, exert pressure, defame the name and damage the reputation of the Service. In case of violation of the above conditions, the Service Administration is authorized to delete the User Account, with or without refund on the balance of the Virtual Account.

3.7. By accepting this Agreement, the User gives full and unconditional consent to the processing and use of the User’s Personal Data, in accordance with the relevant section 14 of this Agreement.



4.1. User participation in the Service is voluntary and free. When using the Service and making purchases using the Service User Account, it is understood that purchases are made by the Service User corresponding to this Account.

4.2. The Administration of the Service reserves the right to refuse registration without explanation, as well as to delete the User Account of the Service in the event that it considers that the information provided is not reliable, correct. And also in the event that any artificial information, duplicate information, as well as any actions on the part of the User registering in the Service that are recognized by the Administration of the Service as fraudulent or misleading, are recorded.

4.3. If for any reason the email address or other data of the User specified during registration changes or is no longer relevant, they should be changed in the Service Account.

4.4. The Service Administration has the right, at its discretion, to delete User Accounts that have been inactive for a long time.

4.5. The User Account is unconditionally recognized as an Inactive User Account, using which no visits to the Service were made within 6 (six) months from the date of registration on the Service or the last visit to the User.

4.6. By registering in the Service and receiving an Account, the User thereby agrees that Messages of the Service will be sent to the email address specified by him during registration in the Service, or in any other manner specified by the User during registration. The user has the right to refuse to receive Service Messages by making the necessary changes to the settings of his Account, with the exception of messages related to password changes, financial settlements and other important operations.

4.7. The Service Administration reserves the right to delete the User Account if, for any reason, the delivery of Service Messages is not possible, including if the User refuses to receive Service Messages.

4.8. The user is prohibited from informing third parties the username and password of his Account, saving them on other people's computers, phones or tablets. Otherwise, the Service is not liable for any damage caused to the User due to unauthorized access to his account.

4.9. The removal of the Account at the request of the User is carried out after his appropriate appeal to the Administration by writing to the Support Service [email protected]

4.10. When deleting an Account at the initiative of the User or the Administration of the service, the User’s data will be unavailable.

4.11. The positive balance of the Virtual Account, if it is not used before the deletion of the Account, is canceled and is non-refundable.



5.1. After registering in the Service, the User gains access to the Personal Account, where a Virtual Account is created, which displays Cashback for purchases made by the User using the Service.

5.2. The cashback is displayed on the Virtual Account in the User’s Purchase History automatically, based on the data on purchases transferred to the Service base by Partners / Advertisers and / or third parties, their representatives.



6.1. Cashback is credited for purchases made using the Service, provided that you go to the Partner / Advertiser’s website using the link on the Service (the “Go to Site” button), within a single browser session, if all the recommendations of the Service and the conditions of the Store are met.

6.2. The service is not responsible for the conditions of purchases in the stores of the Partners / Advertisers. Information about the conditions for making purchases in the Partners / Advertisers Stores is received by the Service from Partners / Advertisers.

6.3. The basis for crediting Cashback to the User’s Virtual Account is the fact of confirmation of the purchase on the Partner / Advertiser’s website using the Service, full and proper payment for the purchase, and receipt of the purchase by the User.

6.4. Accrual of cashback is not guaranteed when making a purchase without following the recommendations of the Service and the conditions of the Partner / Advertiser’s Store, indicated on the page of the corresponding Store.



7.1. The reasons why the Partner / Advertiser’s Store has the right not to count purchases in favor of the Service, as a result of which the Commission will not be transferred the commission from which the User’s Cashback is paid:

7.1.1. The user has not followed the recommendations of the Service and the rules of the Store indicated on his page (where the transition to the Store is made from).

7.1.2. The time period during which the purchase is displayed in the User’s personal account has not expired (information on the display period is contained on the recommendations page for making purchases in a particular store, from where the transition to the store itself takes place).

7.1.3. User authorization in the Store, subject to registration in it, is carried out before the transition from the Service.

7.1.4. The selection of goods, filling the basket and placing an order (or any of these actions) were made by the User before switching from the Service.

7.1.5. The order was not placed by the User immediately after the transition to the Store.

7.1.6. Registration and payment of the order by the User are made from different devices - applicable for Chinese trading floors.

7.1.7. When placing a user order via hyperlinks on the site, additional windows or tabs were opened.

7.1.8. The purchase was made by the User in the Incognito browser mode or in another private mode.

7.1.9. Ordering by the User from the beginning to the end did not occur within the framework of a single browser session.

7.1.10. During the purchase process, the User clicked on third-party banners or links of any content.

7.1.11. In the process of buying or placing an order, the User used coupons, discounts, promotional codes and other offers of the store.

7.1.12. The user used a discount card, a store loyalty card.

7.1.13. Cookies are blocked in the User’s browser settings.

7.1.14. AdBlock or any other ad blocker on the User’s device is enabled.

7.1.15. An extension of a third-party cashback service has been installed in the User’s browser.

7.1.16. When making a purchase, the User used any bonus program or loyalty program.

7.1.17. The order is executed and paid by the User from a legal entity or PE (SPD, FLP, FOP).

7.1.18. Placement of the order and payment are made by the User through the mobile application of the store (exception on AliExpress).

7.1.19. The purchase is made by the User on credit, by installments, “Payment by installments” and others like them.

7.1.20. In the antivirus, firewall or third-party extension of the User’s browser, there is an ad blocker.

7.1.21. An unstable Internet connection on the User’s device during checkout.

7.1.22. Software failure within the User’s network and / or the Store.



8.1. If the User follows the recommendations of the Service, the conditions of the partner shops for making purchases, the order made using the Service is displayed in the User’s purchase history and is accompanied by a cashback accrual, according to the established interest rate. Cashback is awarded in the status of "Pending". Cashback is calculated on the actual cost of the goods, excluding shipping costs and other expenses, after applying a discount from the Store.

8.2. After making a purchase, the User’s Virtual Account displays the corresponding Cashback with the status “Pending”.

8.3. Cashback is charged in hryvnias. If the order is paid in foreign currency, then the cashback amount will be converted into hryvnias at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of purchase.

8.4. The period during which the cashback can be in the status of “Pending” depends on various factors that are beyond the control of the Service Administration. The cashback status period is associated with the terms of payment, delivery of goods, possible returns or exchanges, determined by Partners / Advertisers.

8.5. Upon the fact of data transfer and confirmation of the Partner / Advertiser about the purchases made and delivered to the User, in the absence of a return and exchange of the purchase, the Cashback with the status “Pending” gets the status “Available”, after which the User can withdraw the Cashback from the Virtual Account in any way convenient for the User .

8.6. Partner / Advertiser Aliexpress confirms the purchase within 10 days from the date of confirmation of receipt of the goods by the buyer in the personal account of the Store. After receiving confirmation from the Partner / Advertiser Aliexpress, Cashback is automatically available for withdrawal.

8.7. The service is not responsible for the delay in confirming orders by Partner / Advertiser Stores.

8.8. If the Store believes that the order was placed in violation of its rules and the rules of the Service, the Store refuses to confirm the order and pay cashback. The order goes into the status “Purchase is not confirmed by the store”, the cashback accrued on it is canceled.



9.1. Cashback is canceled in the following cases:

9.1.1. Cancellation of the order by the User.

9.1.2. Return, exchange of goods by the User.

9.1.3. The order is not redeemed by the User or is not redeemed in full.

9.1.4. Inability to deliver goods by seller.

9.1.5. Making any adjustments to the order after registration (both on the part of the User and on the part of the seller, including the dissolution of the order into two or more separate ones, or, conversely, combining).

9.2. The Service Administration also has the right to cancel, correct or otherwise change the Cashback with any status in connection with possible errors in its accrual and / or payment, as well as in connection with any actions that will be recognized by the Administration as false or fraudulent.

9.3. The Service Administration reserves the right, at its discretion, to take all reasonable measures against fraud and abuse using the Service to the extent necessary.

9.4. The user must be ready to present, at the request of the Administration, copies of payment documents regarding the order, its detailed screenshots.

9.5. In the event of the deletion of the Account in accordance with this Agreement, including at the request of the User, all funds displayed on the Virtual Account are canceled and cannot be restored.



10.1. Cashback with the “Available” status can be displayed by the User in any way proposed by the Service: to the hryvnia card of any Ukrainian bank, mobile numbers of Ukrainian telecom operators.

10.2. To withdraw funds, it is necessary to create an appropriate application with correctly specified details for payment (bank card number, mobile phone number). The processing time for an application for withdrawal of funds is 3 business days from the date of execution. The application status (“In progress”, “Successful translation”) the user can track in your account. The Service does not provide any report in any other form regarding the stages of processing the application and withdrawing funds.

10.3. If the details are incorrectly indicated by the User (incorrect card number), the application for withdrawal of funds will be canceled in the order of processing, due to the impossibility of making a withdrawal, the funds will be returned to the User’s Virtual Account. The user is responsible for the compliance of the details specified for the withdrawal with responsibility. Cancellation of a filed application for withdrawal of funds at the User’s request can be canceled by the Administration if the money from the Service’s account has not yet been debited to the balance of the payment system used to transfer cashback to Users.

10.4. The minimum amount to withdraw cashback is 25 hryvnia. The commission for withdrawing funds from the User is not withheld. However, it can be withheld by the issuing bank upon receipt of funds on the card, in accordance with the fees for servicing a bank card.

10.5. Cashback is paid in hryvnias. If the order is paid in foreign currency, then the cashback amount will be converted into hryvnias at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of purchase.



11.1. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Service provides Cashback services on an “as is” basis, without any warranties of any kind, either direct or indirect.

11.2. The Service does not provide guarantees regarding the consequences of using the Service.

11.3. The Service Administration is not responsible for the smooth operation of the Service.

11.4. The duties of the Service do not include control of the legality or illegality of the information transmitted to the User, determination of ownership rights and the legality of the transmission, reception or use of information.

11.5. The Administration of the Service does not provide guarantees that the Service may be suitable for specific purposes of use. The User acknowledges and agrees that the result of using the Service may not meet the expectations of the User.

11.6. The Administration and / or the owner of the Service shall under no circumstances be liable for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage (including lost profits, damage caused by loss of data) caused in connection with the use of the Service or the inability to use it, including in case of refusal the operation of the Service or other interruption in the use of the Service, even if the Service Administration has warned or pointed out the possibility of such damage.

11.7. The user is solely responsible for his actions on using the Service.

11.8. The User is solely responsible for observing the rights of third parties, applicable law, this Agreement, when using the Service.

11.9. For violations committed by the User, the Administration has the right to refuse the User to further provide access to the Service or to limit such provision in whole or in part with or without notice to the User.

11.10. The Parties to the Agreement are exempted from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations under the Agreement, if such was the result of force majeure circumstances arising after the entry into force of the Agreement as a result of extraordinary events that could not be foreseen and prevented by reasonable measures.

11.11. The User fully accepts responsibility for the payment of all taxes, duties and fees in relation to any Transaction made using the Service. The user must independently calculate the amount and pay all taxes levied on the user in accordance with the tax rules of his country of residence.

12.12. When the User purchases any goods and / or services on the Partners' sites, access to which can be obtained using the Service, all rights and mutual obligations arising from the purchase and sale process arise between the User and the Partner Store.

11.13. The Service Organizer does not and will not bear any responsibility to the Service Participant for the availability of this or that product, its completeness, quality, safety, operational features, presentation, delivery time, return periods, warranty periods and other parameters of goods / services, interactions between Shops and Users.

11.14. The Service organizer is not liable if the Partner’s website or his representative for any reason does not take into account the Service Participant’s purchase, does not pay commissions to the Service, from which cashback is paid, therefore, cashback for the purchase will not be credited.

11.15. The Service Organizer is not responsible for any delays in the transfer of the commission from which cashback is paid that occurred not through the fault of the Service Organizer and is beyond the control of the Service Organizer. The obligations of the Service Organizer to pay the corresponding amounts are considered fully fulfilled from the moment the corresponding amount of money is debited from the account of the Service Organizer.

11.16. The Service organizer takes all reasonable measures and makes efforts to ensure that all information on the Site is accurate, reliable and relevant. Nevertheless, the Service Organizer does not guarantee the accuracy and relevance of any information posted on the Site, and does not accept claims regarding any failures, errors and inaccuracies in the operation of the site, as well as any damage resulting from them.

11.17. The Service Organizer is not responsible for the content of third party sites, including the sites of Partners, the possibility of visiting which is provided for by this Service.



12.1. The administration takes all necessary steps to ensure the stable operation of the Service, however, it does not guarantee constant access to the Service data for users due to possible unforeseen technical failures, planned works.

12.2. The service does not exclude the possibility of service failures due to technical malfunctions or malicious actions by third parties. In the event of such a situation, the Service reserves the right to suspend the operation of the service or its individual sections until the elimination of threats or errors of any origin.

12.3. The Organizer undertakes to eliminate the technical problems that have arisen as soon as possible, to take all necessary actions aimed at the further correct operation of the Service.



13.1. Copying, reprinting, any other use of materials and information contained on the Service, without prior approval from the Administration of the Service, is prohibited.



14.1. When expressing consent with the regulations of the Service displayed in this User Agreement, the User agrees to the processing and storage of his personal data solely for the purpose of providing high-quality services to him as the User of the Service.

14.2. The personal data of Users is available to a limited number of employees of the Service to monitor the process of accrual and payment of cashback, the development of the Service.

14.3. Providing information about the User to third-party services (for example, when transferring funds to the details specified by the User) is accompanied by consensus regarding the preservation of its confidentiality. The service reserves the right to open the User’s personal information if law enforcement or judicial authorities require it.

14.4. Any personal data provided by the User in the course of correspondence with the Support Service will be used only for the purpose of solving the question posed by the User.

14.5. The Service does not transfer the User’s personal data to its Partners. However, information about the order, the order number and its amount may be available to Service Partners, representatives of the affiliate program due to the specifics of the Cashback accrual mechanism, in order to correctly track Users' orders. This information is not disclosed to other persons not related to the operation of the Service.

14.6. The service contains links to the websites of Advertisers. Each of the Advertisers adheres to its own privacy policy, which may differ from the privacy policy of the Service.



15.1. Each Service User can use his referral link to attract new Users, in order to receive remuneration from the Service.

15.2. The user has the right to send a referral link to friends or post it on his website, page on a social network. Users who follow this link and register in the Service will be considered as referrals attracted by the User.

15.3. The user who owns the referral link receives 10% of the cashback amount received by the attracted Users. The remuneration is paid within 1 year from the date of registration of the referral.

15.4. The user is strictly forbidden to register a second account using his referral link. For violation of this rule, both user accounts will be blocked without a refund.

15.5. The User is prohibited from sending SPAM and using contextual advertising to attract new Users to the Service.



16.1. This agreement becomes valid for the User from the moment the User is registered, and until the deletion of his Account in the Service.

16.2. The administration reserves the right to make any changes and changes to this agreement without prior notice to users.