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About AliExpress shop

AliExpress is a popular online hypermarket, where you can buy any product: from school eraser to large household appliances. This resource is a platform where hundreds of thousands of sellers exhibit their goods. In addition to affordable prices, many stores offer their customers impressive discounts.

GetProfit is the official partner of AliExpress. Our resource offers a high cashback from shopping in any online store that places your product on this site. Having saved up enough funds, you can withdraw them on the card, on the phone, or make another purchase.

Advantages of AliExpress

Buying on AliExpress is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. The whole product in the hypermarket is cheap, because you buy the product in the country of manufacturer, which means it does not pass through many intermediaries that screw up the cost.
  2. On AliExpress the largest assortment. This is explained by the fact that each seller is a separate store with a wide range of products.
  3. Free delivery to different countries of the world, including the post-Soviet space. After the purchase of goods before receiving the order is 14-30 days. If the parcel does not arrive on time, the shop will compensate the full cost of the goods. Some sellers offer expedited delivery. In this case, the buyer will receive the parcel much earlier.
  4. AliExpress works on the principle of secure transaction. The customer pays the full cost of the product, but the seller will receive his money only after the receipt of the parcel is confirmed.
  5. It used to be difficult to find a clear description of the goods because the whole text was either in Chinese or English. Now more and more sellers are providing translation for the Russian-speaking population themselves, thus expanding the circle of buyers.

How do I get cashback on AliExpress?

Besides a good price, you have the opportunity to get a high cashback from GetProfit.

The cashback is credited automatically. You can withdraw funds after the shop confirms the purchase of goods. Such procedure occurs at registration on our site (if there is no possibility to download the application). In this case it is necessary to register on it, and choose from the list of shops AliExpress.

Here are the products for which you can get the maximum cashback:

  • Men's, women's and children's clothing;
  • Accessories for mobile phones;
  • Goods for home and garden.

For the purchase of goods from this category we offer 3.45 percent cashback. The full list can be found on our website.

Instead of just buying things, it is better to return some spent money. And we can help you with that.

Cashback for different categories:

1.15% - Mobile Phones
1.15% - Computer Peripherals
1.15% - Tablets
1.15% - Computers (desktop)
1.15% - Laptops
1.15% - Audio and video equipment
1.15% - External storage devices
1.15% - Internal storage devices
3.45% - Accessories for mobile phones 
3.45% - Homeware 
3.45% - Garden products 
3.45% - Women's clothing 
3.45% - Men's clothing 
3.45% - Children's clothing 
2.70% - All other categories
0.36% - Electronics from the list of branded stores **
Special and virtual categories * 0%

Average cashback wait time: 30 days
Maximum cashback timeout: 60 days