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iTMag is an online store for mobile electronics and related accessories. Here you will find smartphones, tablets, laptops, GPS-navigators, a wide selection of covers, protective films, chargers, adapters and cables, other interesting devices and products. Our staff will help you in choosing a gadget and suitable accessories, install and configure the necessary programs.

Cashback for different categories:

3.20% - for goods worth up to 1000 UAH.
77 UAH - for goods worth over 3000 UAH. (except laptops)
58 UAH - for goods worth from 1000 UAH. up to 3000 UAH
192 UAH - for goods from the "Laptops" section from 10,000 UAH.
115 UAH - for goods from the "Notebooks" section up to 10,000 UAH.

Average cashback wait time: 20 days
Maximum cashback timeout: 35 days